July Energy Readings 2020

Hello Lovely Luxers!

July is shaping up to deliver some very powerful energies. The term “karmic reckoning” comes to mind. In these zodiac readings I describe the energy affecting the collective and how that energy may impact the 12 zodiac signs. Be sure to read for your Rising Sign as well as your sun (zodiac) sign to get the most accurate picture.

Be advised that these will be the last energy readings that I post for the zodiac signs for the foreseeable future. Beginning in August I will be posting monthly energy readings for the entire collective. I’m very excited to begin this new chapter. Until then, enjoy these July 2020 zodiac readings and pay attention because these energies will be at play for several months to come.

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All My Love,

The Lux Angel


Aquarius July 2020

Aries July 2020

Cancer July 2020

Capricorn July 2020

Gemini July 2020

Leo July 2020

Libra July 2020

Pisces July 2020

Sagittarius July 2020

Scorpio July 2020

Taurus July 2020

Virgo July 2020

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