Ombré Ft. Pink and Bling Polygel Kit by SXC Cosmetics | The Luxe Angel

Ombré Ft. Pink and Bling Polygel Kit by SXC Cosmetics

SXC Cosmetics Pink Series Polygel

During the summer I decided to experiment with hybrid gel. Best decision ever! I tried many different brands including the originator of PolyGel. SXC Cosmetics became one of my favorites. SXC has such a great range of fun colors including temperature changing and glow in the dark.


Ombré’ is an ode to my favorite nail trend of 2020. Ombré nails and the beautiful blend they feature is the reason I decided to try polygel; I just couldn’t get the desired result when using dip powder. I needed something to mimic acrylic during application. I started using Polygel and haven’t used dip powder again since!

Sparkley Virgo

These photos are from the very first time I ever tried to #DIY the #ombrè nail trend. I used the SXC Cosmetics Pink Series (aka Pink and Bling) in the glow in the dark shade Virgo, and the super shimmery shade Sparkley. Not bad for a first timer, right? I found the SXC Polygel so easy to work with that I bought even more. I even took it a step further by becoming an ambassador! Now you can use my code, The Luxe Angel, to receive a discount on your purchase from SXC. I might receive a commission when you use my code so thanks for your support!!! Also, you’re welcome; I hope you enjoy using the SXC Polygel as much as I do.

What do you think? Have you ever tried using Polygel for your #DIYNails? I’d love to see pics! Got any questions about any of the products featured here? Send any pics or questions to…

I’ll be sure to address any questions in an upcoming Q & A. Thanks for reading, watching and SUBSCRIBING!

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel


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