Be My Valentine |Valentine’s Day Nails Ft. SXC Cosmetics | The Luxe Angel

Be My Valentine |Valentine’s Day Nails Ft. SXC Cosmetics | The Luxe Angel​

That New New

This new set of nails has been a long time coming. I’ve been meaning to sculpt a new set since before Christmas. Yikes! It all worked out; this Valentine’s Day set turned out to be one of my best yet.

True Colors

Ambrosia was my color of choice. I received it in the SXC Cosmetics Pink & Bling Series kit. It’s perfect for this occasion as it utilizes both of the predominant colors of the season. It’s a temperature changing, hybrid gel (aka polygel) that transforms from milky pink, when warm, into deep red, when cold.

Tricks Of The Trade

I used three different methods to accomplish this set: thumbnails were crafted using dual forms, I sculpted a few with nail forms, and the Femi Beauty #LazyGirlMethod helped me achieve the gorgeous ring fingernails. The Femi Beauty Method is the easiest method for encasing nail art with hybrid gel. Here, I’ve used real, dried flowers and chunky, holographic glitter to create these stunning accent nails. For the finishing touch, I added red AB stones. I’m in love with this nail look. No pun intended.

Be My Valentine |Valentine’s Day Nails Ft. SXC Cosmetics | The Luxe Angel

  1. Hybrid Gel: SXC Cosmetics in “Ambrosia,” Use Code: The Luxe Angel for 10% off! Makartt Polygel in Clear
  2. Nail Art (stones, glitter, flowers) from Amazon

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All My Love,

The Luxe Angel


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