Be Easy On Yourself

But Seriously…

This week we’ve got a very intense energy of ambition. We’re recognizing our goals and heading into them with full force. Sounds great, right? The reality is, however, that as ready as we are to begin our new goals we may also be putting ourselves at risk for early burnout. Not good. We need to be on guard for over zealousness and approach our newfound visions with a sense of grounding and patience.

Light My Fire

Be Easy On Yourself
Knight Of Wands traditionally.

As the Messenger of Fire suggests, the energy surrounding the collective is buoyant, jovial, enthusiastic and gung ho. This is perfect for enacting our plans and launching our vision into reality. But the Knight of wands, the traditional name for the messenger of fire, is a quick starter. He’s a flash in the pan. He can be the first to rise and also the first to fizzle out. That’s not the best energy to ensure that we stick with our plans until we see them realized. Card number two gives us the full picture of just what could put our long term goals at risk of fizzling out.

Beast Of Burden

Be easy on yourself
10 of Wands traditionally

Ah the good ole’ 10 of wands. I’ve had my share of run-ins with this one and still do from time to time. This card carries the energetic signature of Saturn in Sagittarius. It represents what happens when we become dogmatic and rigid with our dreams. We put pressure on ourselves to perform. Worse still, we become ego-driven perfectionists who stifle our own dreams with unrealistic expectations. It’s a wonderful thing to fall in love with our hopes for the future. In fact it may even be essential for their success. But love can soon sour into dissatisfaction when we put an undue amount of pressure on ourselves or others to perform like the Onceler; biggering and biggering and biggering! What I mean to say is that we need to temper  our passion for results with a heavy dose of compassion. We can do this by giving it our all and then accepting the results for what they are, rather than picking them apart for what we think they are not. Allow for the reality that there may be delays or even a learning curve in our quest for success. Remember that anything worthwhile takes patience and room to grow.

Ground Yo’ self!

be easy on yourself
2 of Pentacles traditionally

As if on cue, an earth card shows up to confirm just the remedy we need to ensure we achieve lasting success. The 2 of pentacles tells us to balance our efforts between work and play. We need to approach our actions with a sense of humor. We must be willing to laugh at ourselves, greet set backs and delays with a lighthearted attitude, and treat ourselves with the loving kindness we would show a child. If a child colors outside of the lines we don’t berate and criticize them (at least I hope not). We smile, acknowledge the genuine effort they put into trying to create something special, and encourage them to keep going. We must do the same for ourselves. Loving ourselves unconditionally means trying our best and accepting the results for what they are. This will ensure that we feel encouraged to keep going. Thus, getting better with time.

Major Shifts

be easy on yourself
Expect the unexpected

At the bottom of the deck sits The Tower. This indicates that there will be unexpected events that arise whilst we attempt to manifest our creation. This is why it’s so important to approach things with ease and a “go with the flow” attitude. For some of us this card indicates that this is a major life lesson and the time has come to learn it now! If not, we will experience these unexpected events as traumatic or discouraging. If we’re too serious we may even take it as a suggestion that what we want just isn’t meant to be. Nothing could be further from the truth. Take this opportunity to learn the lesson of taking a chill pill. You have permission from the Universe to relax and not burden yourself with harsh demands. Allow your dream to unfold with grace and ease. Force isn’t necessary unless you’re using it to force yourself to stop picking apart your work.

Take The Hint

be easy on yourself
Red Jasper is great for root chakra work. Black Obsidian is wonderful for cleansing and grounding.

You may have noticed little jars full of crystals in the pictures. I placed red jasper and black obsidian in the photos as a suggestion of how to remedy the 10 of Fire a.k.a. 10 of Wands state of mind. These stones are great for grounding your energy, helping you to come back down to earth and set realistic expectations.  Often, we become hard on ourselves due to fear that what we have to offer isn’t good enough or won’t measure up in some way. Fear is associated with the root chakra. You can use red jasper in particular, as it corresponds with the root chakra, to help ease these fears. It’s a great form of self-care, if you’re into that sort of thing. Whatever you’re into, be easy on yourself so you can bring your goals to fruition with joy.



The Luxe Angel

Deck: The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid

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