WIMB feat. Louis Vuitton New Wave Chain Bag MM + Tones Fashion Gel Polygel Review | The Luxe Angel

WIMB feat. Louis Vuitton New Wave Chain Bag MM + Tones Fashion Gel Polygel Review | The Luxe Angel
Louis Vuitton New Wave Chain Bag MM and Tones Fashion Gel in Cover Pink

What’s In My Bag ( WIMB)

I’m excited to show off just how much can fit in my new Louis Bag. It may look mini sized but it can actually pack it away, so to speak. It is the larger of two sizes offered (PM and MM) and I’m thankful for the extra space. Pictures don’t show the full story so be sure to watch the WIMB video below!

What I’m Wearing

Juicy Couture Tulip Waterproof Logo Fashion Boot

I’m still loving these rain boots I featured in my previous LookBook. They are a FW (Fall/Winter) staple!

Dolce & Gabbana Neoprene Face Mask With Baroque And Polka-dot Print

Okay. I’m gonna have to give this beautiful face mask the proper respect it deserves by featuring it independently. It is made in Italy. I got it directly from the Dolce website and I’m in love. It’s the only mask I want to wear. Good thing it’s reusable. I will definitely spot light this mask in the near future so please stay tuned.

Tones Fashion Gel

I’m again wearing Tones Fashion Gel in the color Cover Pink. This Polygel was a lifesaver when my e-file broke. I was able to prep and complete this full set with only the provided hand file! Tones is based in the USA and has excellent quality polygel at an affordable price. I highly recommend their fashion Gel. If you’re into DIY nails then definitely check them out.

Seeing Is Believing

I hope you enjoyed this LookBook. Got any questions about the pieces featured here? Leave them in the comment section.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

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