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Hint: Chanel lovers unite!

I got what you need.

What’s In My Bag

Bare Necessities!

I don’t need much to take my kiddos out to play on a sunny day. When I haven’t had a chance to get myself ready, I take a few items that can spruce me up on the go. I call them the bare necessities. This lookbook features what’s in my bag when I go out on the fly.

Chanel Miroir Double Facettes

The accessory that started it all. I first purchased this mirror duo from Chanel in 2019. I wasn’t yet aware that I’d fall in love with Chanel Beauty, so I wanted a little piece of luxury I could take everywhere, and presumably, keep for a long time to come. I imagined myself pulling this small compact from my handbag and touching up my lipstick, all the while feeling like a luxurious, pampered princess. I never imagined buying Chanel Beauty would become so commonplace, and yet, here we are!

I bring this mirror duo everywhere. It literally never leaves my handbag; unless I’m switching it into a new one, of course.

Chanel Stylo Sourcils Waterproof

I’m usually wearing sunglasses when I go out, especially when I haven’t had time to get ready. Incognito is my middle name! I always have to fill in my brows at the very least, however, as my natural brows are very sparse. I bring this Stylo Sourcils from Chanel when using a compact handbag like this Saint Laurent Uptown Pouch. It takes up very little real estate in my bag and it’s easy to apply; it’s the perfect grab and go option.

There’s a spoolie brush on the opposite end

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Lip Balm

Lastly, we have to have moisturized lips! I picked up this Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Lip Balm in 2019, shortly after the mirror duo. Thus, began my Chanel Beauty obsession. I throw this sheer, tinted hydrator on, and my lips feel really nice. It smells good and provides a surprising amount of color. I’ve used this balm to the very last bit. I would totally buy it again, but now that Chanel has released the Rouge Coco Bloom, I think I’ll go for that instead. Womp womp.

I’m wearing the Healthy Glow lip balm in the photo below, but it’s on a day when I’ve had time to make myself up. I’ve included it for the sake of a color reference. The balm is the only product on my lips.

For sheer coverage, the color payoff is quite nice.

Necklace: Louis Vuitton Essential V

Coach Six Ring Key Case

I unboxed this little beauty in Spring 2019 (what a great year for hauls). I purchased it from the Coach website and I’ve used it ever since. I carry my house key in it, though it can also hold cards and a key fob. Can’t leave the house without it, or get back in for that matter!

Color: Blossom/Gold

Upgrade; It’s Very Necessary

Last, but not least. Well, maybe a little bit least. It’s my po, little IPhone 6. My husband and I keep saying we’re going to upgrade, but we never do. He has an updated IPhone for work and I guess I’m just content. I’m too busy thinking about luxury goods and what not. 🤷🏽‍♀️ #NotSorry

She’s been through it all.

Pack It In!

The perfect fit!
The Stylo Sourcils sits right atop my phone.

Saint Laurent’s Uptown Pouch may be small, but it holds all the bare necessities. When I have to get going in a hurry, that’s all I need.

I hope you enjoyed this #WIMBWednesday lookbook. Got any questions about the pieces featured here? Leave them in the comments.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

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