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Throwback Thursday!

Out Of Pocket

Hello, Lovely Luxies!

Happy Throwback Thursday. In honor of this occasion I’m doing a Throwback of an item I introduced quite a while back. You may recall that in “What’s Your Agenda”? I revealed my Louis Vuitton Pocket Agenda Cover. I was so excited to reveal it that I never posted the actual unboxing. Well, the time has now come to do just that.

Louis Vuitton Pocket Agenda Cover

Louis Vuitton’s pocket agenda cover is small yet very functional. I have used her as a wallet and a goal planner. She is currently fulfilling the role of my health and fitness tracker. No matter what function she serves, she is for sure making her purchase well worth the buy. Without further ado, please enjoy the unboxing of my Louis Vuitton pocket agenda cover.


I hope you enjoyed this edition of Throwback Thursday. Are you an avid planner? What planners and agendas do you use? Let me know in the comment section.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

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