Nailed It Ft. Kiara Sky Dip Powder: All The Info For My Latest Manicure Looks | DIY Mani | The Luxe Angel

Dip Baby, Dip!

It’s no secret that I love DIY manicures. While I’ve tried many different methods to do my nails, dip powder has been my system of choice. I love that I don’t need to use an artificial nail tip when using dip powder. Applying the powder to my natural nails makes the process so simple and also allows my natural nails to grow.

Great Lengths

While I’ve worn nail extensions in the past, like all things luxury, I prefer the real thing over fakes. That being said, I love a longer nail. Thankfully, I have been able to achieve great length while using dip powder. Since it’s harder than traditional nail laquer and gel polish, it protects the nails and allows for more length retention.

My natural nails sans dip powder, after acetone soak-off.

Kiara Sky Dip Powder

I’ve been using Kiara Sky dip powder since 2019. I love the wide array of colors they offer. The selection is very extensive, and they are gorgeous. I haven’t been disappointed since. I am in no way affiliated with Kiara Sky, so just as with all of the items I feature on my site, this is just my honest, anecdotal experience.

I’ve been photo dumping a lot of my DIY mani looks, and I think it’s only fair that I finally provide the item numbers for the colors I’ve used. Dip not your thing? Kiara Sky offers all of these colors in traditional nail lacquer and gel polish as well. Without further ado, here are the promised details.

Nailed It!

1. Cosmic Sugar Plum

  • Color: D508 Have A Grape Nite
  • Clear: D402CS
  • Gems: Amazon

2. Ho-Ho-Holiday Nails

  • Red: D450 Caliente
  • White: D401S Pure White
  • Glitter: D488 Iceberg
  • Clear: D402CS
  • Gems: Amazon

3. Winter Wonderland

  • White: D401S Pure White
  • Glitter: D488 Iceberg
  • Clear: D402CS

4. Just Peachy

I hope you enjoyed “Nailed It”. What is your favorite DIY manicure brand? Let me know in the comment section.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

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