Cosmetic Case 17 by Coach | What’s In My Bag: SLG Edition | The Luxe Angel

Hello all! I’ve recently unboxed this lovely, floral cosmetic case by Coach and today I’m going to show you what fits inside.

I’m not one to care what anyone carries in their bag and I don’t expect anyone else to care what I carry in mine. However, I have realized the great benefit of “what’s in my bag” videos. They are an excellent way to assess what can fit inside a bag or an slg (small leather good). Since this information can ultimately decide whether or not someone will purchase an item, I have come to find them quite useful indeed. So without further ado, I present to you what’s in my Coach cosmetic case 17.

I hope you enjoy this video. Thanks for reading and watching!

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

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