Marc Jacobs Dot Leather Card Case | Unboxing | TheLuxAngel

She’s finally here! Yes, the cutest little card case I’ve purchased this year has finally arrived and I’m sharing the enjoyment with you.In a previous post I informed you all that I purchased this card case. I had to post that information quickly because I wanted to inform you all before she sold out. I’m happy to say she arrived promptly and I’m in love. There was a mild hiccup when I unboxed her but it was easily resolved. You’ll see it all in this YouTube video. Be sure to check it out and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel to see all my latest shopping, haul and unboxing videos. If you’re into exclusive content that’s not shared here or on my YouTube channel then follow me on Instagram @TheLuxAngel_.

Sadly, pink is all sold out. You can purchase this card case in the color black with my affiliate link. This helps my site through possible commissions at no extra cost to you. Thanks for you support!

Purchase Marc Jacobs Dot Leather Card Case Here!

All My Love,

The Lux Angel

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