Kawaii Tarot | Tarot For Self Care| The Luxe Angel

Kawaii Tarot | Tarot For Self Care| The Luxe Angel​

Tarot For Self Care

It’s no secret that the greatest relationship I have is with Spirit. Every wonderful thing that has happened to me has been because of my faith and co-creation with Source. I communicate with Spirit on a regular basis. Though claircognizant, I’ve been reading tarot and oracle cards as my modality of choice for over a decade now. I’m a sucker for the beautiful art work. Reading cards has been an excellent method of self reflection and personal growth in my life. For that, I highly recommend them.

Kawaii Tarot

Kawaii Tarot is one of my latest deck purchases. It is so cute that I couldn’t resist. I’m pleasantly surprised by this deck and very happy with my purchase. The cards are simple and straight forward making them very easy to read. I’d highly recommend them for beginners. The card and packaging are adorable and look great on display. I’m also a fan of the small size. They are perfect for those with smaller hands and make a great travel deck. I’m also impressed with the guide book. It gives detailed information about the upright and reversed meanings of the cards and doesn’t add any extra fluff. While the Kawaii style makes them cute, I don’t find them to be “light washed.” I give this deck five stars; it’s great for beginners and adepts, and it’s beautiful without being nauseating.


A trip to the mailbox isn’t complete without a little luxe. I wore my Prada 01Os this time. I also brought along my 6 ring key case by Coach. Hey, a girl’s gotta get back in the house!

I hope you enjoyed this LookBook. Got any questions about the pieces featured here? Leave them in the comment section.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

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