Luxe Beauty Favorites | March 2021 | The Luxe Angel

It’s time!

March Favorites 2021 | Beauty | The Luxe Angel​

March Favorites 2021: Beauty Edition

The time has come to round up what I’ve been using the most this past month. I’ve listed these products in no particular order. Enjoy!

Chanel CC Cream

March Favorites 2021 | Beauty | The Luxe Angel​
My primer of choice.

This CC cream from Chanel boasts an array of skin benefits, including SPF 50 and a reduction in fine lines. These days, however, I’m using it as my primer. It has done a phenomenal job in that regard. My foundation glides over this like butter and lasts all day. I haven’t used my former primer or even a shadow primer, since picking this up. It hasn’t let me down, yet. I’m kind of shocked to be completely honest. In the words of Martha Stewart, it’s a good thing!

Chanel Travel Makeup Palette: Harmonie De Camélias

Pardon her appearance; she gets a lot of use.

Chanel’s Travel Makeup Palette was my first foray into the face and eye products that Chanel Beauty has to offer. She clearly left a good impression. The shadows are wonderful, but I am particularly fond of the face powder. Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour in N.20 is included in this do-it-all compact. I’ve been using it to set my foundation and concealer this month. I’ve been pleased in doing so. I’m considering picking up the full-sized product once this runs out.

La Palette Sourcils Brow Wax and Brow Powder Duo

March Favorites 2021 | Beauty | The Luxe Angel​
Color: 03 Dark

Good brow products are a must. I love this brow duo from Chanel. Not only is it beautiful, but it also comes with every tool needed to create a full brow look. The mini tweezers are my favorite; it can pluck even the tiniest of hairs. The finish on this palette is amazing, and I can achieve a lovely, natural brow look easily.

Palette Essentielle

March Favorites 2021 | Beauty | The Luxe Angel
Color: 160 Beige Médium

Ok, this palette is so appropriately named. It has been my go to essential for concealing, blush and highlighting. I use the concealer to brighten under my eyes, forehead and bridge of the nose. The deep, berry color can be used for blush or as a lip color. I’ve only used it as the former, but it’s made me learn to love a cream formula. The highlighter is, in fact, the highlight of this palette. The finish is so natural and it blends so well. I’m considering purchasing this palette in the color “intense”. However, I’m going to try and contain myself, for now.

Dior 5 Couleurs Couture

March Favorites 2021 | Beauty | The Luxe Angel
Color: 859 “Pink Corolle”

It goes without saying, this Dior eyeshadow makes the list. I’ve featured it a number of times already. The formula is just so lovely and I enjoy coming up with new looks using this color story. Pink is not everyone’s thing, however. Luckily, there are a number of vibrant color stories to chose from.

Honorable Mention: Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

March Favorites 2021 | Beauty | The Luxe Angel
Color: Taffy Tease

These mini glosses make the list as they are the current favorite of my 10 month old. Whenever I need to get things done in my glam room, I give her these to play with as a distraction. She is temporarily pacified and I get things done; it works like a charm. Hey, this isn’t just luxury; it’s real life.

I hope you enjoyed this luxe, beauty roundup. Got any questions about the pieces featured here? Leave them in the comment section.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

2 thoughts on “Luxe Beauty Favorites | March 2021 | The Luxe Angel

    1. Yes, they do a nice job; especially when I want to quickly pop some moisture on my lips. I’m really excited to try the cream version with the more intense pigments. They look bomb. No pun intended. 😇


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