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Heaven in a bottle.

Livin’ La Vida LOA!

Vanilla Diorama

While I adore my collection of Chanel fragrances, I have been looking for a delicious, vanilla parfum for what seems like an eternity. When I think of what I want for my signature scent, vanilla has to feature prominently. Naturally, I was thrilled when Dior announced their new fragrance, Vanilla Diorama. I’m so happy it is finally in my possession.

An elevated blend of vanilla, rum and hints of citrus, Vanilla Diorama delivers an exquisite olfactory experience. I can’t stop wearing it. No kidding; I even wear it to bed. The spicy fragrance is just in time for the AW season. As for me, I plan to wear it in every season. If I can get it to last that long.

Since I’m no expert in the art of perfumery, here’s the description from the Maison:

The Vanilla Diorama fragrance pays homage to one of Christian Dior’s favorite desserts, the Diorama Gourmand. While this pastry was specially created for the couturier by the famous Parisian restaurant, Maxim’s, no pictures nor detailed descriptions of this mysterious pastry exist. The Vanilla Diorama fragrance derives its name from this intriguingly sweet creation.

Warm, round and opulent, the Vanilla Diorama fragrance evokes the nobleness of Madagascar Vanilla. It portrays the perfect Vanilla. Its warm, intense trail with accents of Rum and Patchouli is contrasted by fresh citrusy notes and highlighted by a denser Cocoa note.

The rare and high-priced Vanilla is one of the most precious ingredients of high perfumery. Precisely and rigorously chosen for its strength and noble quality accented by woody and ambery tones, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla forms the heart of François Demachy’s creation. Seen as a coveted treasure, Dior’s Perfumer-Creator sculpts it just like a precious gem for the Vanilla Diorama fragrance”.

Source: Dior

It’s just like me to fall in love with something “rare and high-priced”. Trust, this isn’t intentional. It’s just the way I was created. Who am I to deny the will of The Creator? What a lovely will indeed!

The Gifting Experience

I purchased my previous Dior items from Macy’s. Since this was my first direct purchase, I chose the gift packaging. It did not disappoint. I highly recommend this option for the holiday season, birthdays or anytime you’d like to gift something special. The gift package included two cloth dust bags, a miniature pillow, and extra signature gift paper. I’ve included photos below.

On Another Note…

I was given the option to choose a complimentary travel fragrance. As you can see from the above photos, I chose the travel-sized Vanila Diorama as well. I was convinced I would love this fragrance. So, I went for it. My bet paid off. I simply adore this scent.

Ultra Rouge

Ultra Lust

I also picked up a lipstick from the Dior Ultra Rouge line. 485 Ultra Lust is a lovely rosewood. With the correct lip liner I can pull it off quite nicely. I’m still deciding if I like this formula, however. The jury is still out.

I have managed to make up my mind on this sweet, vanilla fragrance. I’m in love. I hope Vanilla Diorama is a permanent staple in the Maison’s collection. For now, I’ll savor every drop of the bottle I already have.

I received a complementary makeup brush holder with my Dior purchase from Macy’s. It really comes in handy.

What say you? Have you tried this fragrance? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

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