999 Reasons To Remain Loyal | Dior Beauty Rewards | The Luxe Angel

Going for gold…


Did you know Dior has a loyalty program? Had I known, I would’ve bought all of my Dior products directly from the Dior site. In any case, I recently reached Silver status. For this milestone, Dior gifted me a travel set of the iconic 999.

Rouge 999

Rouge 999 is a Dior classic. This gift set includes the shade in a travel nail polish along with a travel lipstick in a satin finish. Cute luggage tags were a part of the set as well. This was a fun surprise.

Velvet Vs. Satin

I previously purchased a full-sized Rouge Dior lipstick in the velvet finish. I was thrilled to receive this satin finish, so I can compare the two. In the photos below you can see the difference even in the container.

“Biggering And Biggering!”

As you can see, my collection of 999 is growing. I now have two lipsticks, a blush and a nail polish.

Speaking of nail polish, stay tuned; I intend to debut Rouge 999 in an upcoming post.

I’m happy with my silver milestone. I’m excited to see what going for gold will get me. I’ll be sure to share it with you in the future.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

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