Polished Ft. Dior Rouge 999 | The Luxe Angel

This polish is fire!

Dior Rouge 999 Nail Polish

As promised, I am revealing Dior’s nail polish in the classic 999 shade. I received this polish as a gift for reaching silver in Dior’s loyalty program. Eager to try Dior’s polish for the first time, I put it right to the test.

As you may be able to tell, I haven’t painted my nails with traditional nail polish in quite some time. I prefer gel these days. Dior forced my hand, however, by sending me a complimentary nail lacquer. This DIY mani may not be perfect, but this shade of red is!

I’m happy to say I’m loving this Rouge 999 nail polish. Red isn’t my color of choice; I’m usually a pink girl. However, this shade of red is classic and sexy. As for the polish itself, I was most impressed with the coverage. Dior’s nail lacquer is so opaque that I was able achieve this look with one coat only!

I think this set came out beautifully. I used a gel topcoat for the sake of speed drying and the shine is amazing. 999 looks stunning against my new Alma BB.

I’m rocking a new bag accessory now that my nails are done. This car seat opener will protect my precious mani.

Though I usually go for pink, I think I may have to add this brilliant red to my permanent collection. Even my husband and children complimented my nails; that’s a total win.

What say you? Is 999 a color you’d go for? Have you tried any Dior polish? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

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