Beauty & The BB Ft. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 And Louis Vuitton Alma BB | The Luxe Angel

This phone is gorgeous!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 in Lavender

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

“Partner, let me upgrade you”!

Said every iPhone 6 ever. You read that correctly. I have still been rocking an iPhone 6 Plus. Crazy right? Well, no longer. I have finally upgraded. My device of choice? The gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.


First Impressions

This beautiful, folding device is a throwback to the flip phones of old. I am a flip phone girl. When tech evolved into smartphone slabs, I was sad to let my flip phones go. So when I saw that technology was evolving to folding smartphone technology, I was thrilled.

Samsung in particular made a home run with their latest “foldable”, the Z Flip 3. The phone is beautiful, the display is gorgeous, and contrary to what some may say, I don’t notice the crease one bit when viewing my favorite content.

I am no tech expert. So, I will link a couple tech reviews that sold me on this beauty, for those who are interested.

TechTuber Thoughts

Thao Huynh

Hayls World

Isa Does Tech

Why I’m Sold

  • Camera Features
  • View Finder
  • Built in tripod
  • Beauty
  • Flip phone
  • Large screen
  • Compact
  • Multitasking “Flex Mode”
  • So much fun

Alma BB Friendly

I must admit, a major reason I was so eager to get my hands on the Z Flip 3 was to slip it into the pocket of my Louis Vuitton Alma BB. The Flip’s compact form makes it a mini bag lover’s dream, and the Alma BB, in particular, is known for having a small, nearly unusable slip pocket. So, what’s the verdict? Is my new Flip suitable for the LV Alma BB’s tiny pocket?

As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 fits in the pocket of my Alma BB perfectly. I don’t have a case yet, so I used the dust cover of a Chanel compact. Even with the added cover the Flip slips easily in and out of my Alma’s pocket.

Final Thoughts

Alma or no Alma, I am utterly in love with this phone. It is even more beautiful in person and the quality is top notch. I am having such a good time using this device that I can hardly put her down. She made the switch from the iPhone well worth it. If you haven’t already, get to your local tech store and give her a try. You may just be pleasantly surprised.

Have you tried the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3? Would you consider a folding smartphone? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

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