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On The Run…

You already know; it’s a school day, so I’m in my role as child chauffer. I have three girls, including a toddler, to get ready and out of the house. Naturally, I’m short on time for myself on most mornings. This morning was no exception. No worries! I have managed to master the art of the “Quick Face.” Per usual, all of the information is provided below.

Makeup Of The Day (MOTD)

1. Foundation: Chanel Ultra Le Teint in BD141

Still my go-to for evening the skintone, Ultra Le Teint is flawless and so lightweight that I often forget I’m wearing it. Be aware that the photos above have been edited with a skin smoother. Bare with me; I’m working with a new camera and it tends to automatically add this effect in low light situations. This foundation is flawless nonetheless. If you’d like to see it without the effect, simply read any of my previous posts.

2. Under Eye Brightener: DiorSkin Forever Extreme Control Compact Foundation in 060

When I’m on the run, there is no time for concealing, contouring, etc. I use this foundation from Dior to wake up my eyes instead.

3. Brows: Chanel La Palette Sourcils in 03 Dark

4. Eyeshadow:  Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra eyeshadow in 268 Candeur Et Expérience

As I mentioned in a previous post, I truly adore the red in this palette. Even short on time, I had to add it. It is becoming one of my favorite “one and done” eyeshadow colors. This daytime red is flattering and doesn’t come off as too intense. Best of all, it took only a couple of minutes to apply. 

5. Eyeliner: Chanel Le Crayon Khôl in 61 Noir

6. Mascara: Smashbox Super Fan Mascara in Black

7. Blush: Dior Rouge Blush in 999

8. Highlight: Chanel Perles De Lumiére

9. Lips: Dior Addict Lip Maximizer in 026 Plum

Dior’s lip maximizer is actually quite nice. The color payoff is fantastic for a gloss and it feels good on the lips. I haven’t noticed any plumping effects, however I’d buy it again for the aforementioned attributes.

Fragrance Of The Day: Vanilla Diorama

Rush or no rush, there’s always time for fragrance. Vanilla Diorama is my signature scent of the season. I can’t leave the house without it. A few quick sprays and I’ve got my fix. 

Outfit Of The Day (OOTD)

1. Dress: Calvin Klein Jeans

You’ve seen this dress in a previous post. Back then I said I’d buy it in multiple colors. Well, here we are! Still super comfy and über cute, it’s a great choice for days on the run. I just throw her over my head and go. Done and done.

2. Cardigan: Amazon

“Baby it’s cold oustide!” I chose a dress so I wouldn’t have to coordinate tops and bottoms. However, winter is still on the approach. Thus, a cover up is more than necessary.

3. Bag: Louis Vuitton Alma BB

I’m still adoring my new LV Alma BB. She is just too cute. The red in her customized, heart “sticker” is brought out by my CK dress. All of my essentials fit in this beautiful bag, so she’s definitely on the run with me today.

4. Sunglasses: Prada 01O 55MM Cat Eye

Prada’s 01O sunnies are my most treasured. They are the perfect pair of everyday sunnies and they go with everything. Once, I thought I lost them and was immediately ready to fork up the cash to purchase them again. I rarely leave the house without them.

Whether it’s the eyes, the cheeks or the outfit, today belonged to some of my favorite reds. Not only are they lovely, but they also work for days when I need to be on my way quickly. Since that’s most everyday, be prepared to see more of these beauties in the near future.

I hope you enjoyed this MOTD/OOTD. I prefer a dress and an oversized cardigan when I’m on the run. What’s your go-to for days on the go? Let me know in the comment section.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

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