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Old Hollywood Glamor

“Old Hollywood Glamor” came about quite by accident. Let me explain.

First of all, it was extremely cold, so I pulled out my fur which is the warmest coat I own. I can’t brace the below freezing temperatures without it.

Second, the snow was coming down. I didn’t want the falling snow to ruin my new silk press. So, I pulled out a scarf from my closet to wrap around my head. Doing so reminded me of the old days when ladies wore fancy sunglasses with glamorous scarves. For example:

Getty Images
It’s funny; when I put this look together I recall thinking ‘I feel like Jackie O.!’

I naturally had to add a pair of my very own glamorous sunglasses to complete the look. I chose my beautiful pair of Eternal Cat Eyes from Dolce & Gabbana. I purchased these lovlies in 2020 and wear them whenever I want to achieve a classic look. When I bought them the description read ‘old hollywood’. They were an easy choice.

I love this look! I felt so effortlessly fabulous running around town like a blast from the past. “Old Hollywood Glamor” took no time at all to put together. I’ll refer to this style whenever I need to protect my hair from inclement weather. You can’t blame me.

I picked the 1934 classic, Alma, as my bag of choice. You’ll notice I’ve been wearing her without the pearl bag charm lately. She’s beautiful just as she is.

I hope you enjoyed “Old Hollywood Glamor.” Stay tuned for my next WIW (what I wore) lookbook.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

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