Pink & Plump Ft. Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom | Mini Review | The Luxe Angel

Plump It Up!

Okay, I do not pay attention to any product’s claims to make the lips appear plump. In fact, I don’t even look for that feature in a lip product. Rouge Coco Bloom from Chanel makes this claim. At first, I didn’t notice any plumping. Upon further inspection, however, I do notice a difference.

Is It Just me?

Is it just me or do my lips look like they’re more plump? I was just minding my business and looked in the mirror. To my surprise my lips looked like they had filler in them. I don’t have any before photos to compare, as again I wasn’t looking for this feature. All I have is my anecdotal experience that my lips look fuller when wearing this lipstick.

Rouge Coco Bloom in shade 126 Season.

Rouge Coco Bloom has also lived up to its claim of delivering hydration. It feels like a creamy lip balm and in fact, I use it as a lip balm from time to time. This formula from Chanel has impressed me so much that I’ve decided to purchase it again in another shade. Stay tuned for the reveal!

I can’t promise you’ll feel the same as I do about Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom. I can give you my honest opinion, however, as I paid for these products myself and received no commission for doing so.

I hope you enjoyed “Pink & Plump.” Have you tried Chanel’s Rouge Coco Bloom? Leave your thoughts or questions in the comment section.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

6 thoughts on “Pink & Plump Ft. Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom | Mini Review | The Luxe Angel

    1. I love this formula. It does feel very hydrating. Again, I can’t guarantee you’ll notice significant plumping effects because it’s really one of the only products I’ve tried that makes that claim. There may be better out there but I wouldn’t know. I noticed it for myself though and love the formula even if it didn’t make that claim. Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope you’re having a good new year! Long time no see. 😉

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