Precious Hearts Ft. Gucci Heart Studs | Unboxing + Try On | The Luxe Angel

Be still my heart!

What lovely packaging.

Precious Hearts

Welcome back Luxers!

Today’s unboxing is a bit premature. I received these earrings as an early anniversary gift from my husband. Bless his precious heart. My anniversary isn’t until the end of May, but you can share the joy of unboxing with me now!

I was drawn to these Heart Earrings With Gucci Trademark because they’re actually made of precious metal (PM). Crafted in Italy, they are composed of 925 sterling silver. A lot of luxury fashion jewelry cannot make the same boast, so these definitely stuck out to me.

Heart Earrings With Gucci Trademark | Unboxing

Try On

I think the earrings are sweet. Because you can’t read the trademark unless you’re up close, the earrings are quite subtle. I also enjoy the size. They are small, yet large enough to have an impact on your overall look. In short, I like them. I’ll have my eyes on Gucci’s precious metal jewelry in the future so look out.

I hope you enjoyed “Precious Hearts.” Have you tried any of Gucci’s PM jewelry? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

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