Lip Service Ft. Chanel Lipsticks | Haul + Swatches | The Luxe Angel

These lippie swatches are long over due.

The Wait Is Over

Finally! I have been meaning to swatch these Chanel lip products for the longest time. Alas, family life has taken precedence. Without further ado, please enjoy the swatches of these long-awaited Chanel lipsticks.

Lip Service


Product descriptions from left to right:

1. Rouge Allure Velvet in 157 Légendaire

I featured this beautiful lipstick in “Happy Birthday No. 5”. As of this post the collection is still available on the Chanel website. A Spring collection is currently being added as well.

2. Rouge Coco Bloom in 126 Season

I wanted to try this hydrating lipstick for all of 2021. I recently pulled the trigger and purchased this bright pink color from the line. It delivers on its promises to hydrate, and recently I’ve noticed the plumping effect too! Check out “Seasons Of Rouge” to see more!

3. Le Crayon Lèvres in 194 Rouge Noir

I purchased this color with the intention of using it as a lip liner. I must say it looks stunning as an all-over lip color though. I will feature it as such in an upcoming post. For now, check out “Outlined” to see it in action as a lip liner.

4. Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue in 184 Intense Brown

I adore this long-wearing lipstick. I previously proclaimed it to be my favorite, and nothing has dethroned it as of yet. This color in particular has been on my radar since early 2021. A metallic brown, it looks different each time I wear it.

I hope you enjoyed “Lip Service.” Have you tried any of these Chanel lipsticks? Leave your thoughts in the comment section and stay tuned for more in my upcoming posts.

All My Love,

The Luxe Angel

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